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Family Unwrapping

Dr. Shelley's

ASD Educational Consulting Services

Dr. Shelley’s consultations and training are focused on the ACERS Model of parent education and support that she developed and has utilized with families for 30 years. This model is a multi-disciplinary developmental and relationship-based program that centers on eliminating the underlying causes of each child’s unique ASD profile.


Dr. Shelley offers five different services to meet your individual needs:

  • Private Consultations

  • Free 60-Minute Private Introductory Consultation

  • Roadmap Consultation for Your Family's Autism Journey

  • Workshops in a Group Setting

  • Professional Mentoring & Training

Dr. Shelley's services will be the most effective for parents who are ready to make the commitment to helping their child reach their optimal ASD outcome Dr. Shelley is happy to work with one or both parents during each consultation hour, even if they are each in different locations. Join families who have partnered with Dr. Shelley to reach for a brighter future—for your child with ASD, your family, and yourself!

Professionals (Educators, Occupational Therapists, Speech/Language Pathologists, Autism Interventionists) who have been mentored/trained by Dr. Shelley have experienced never seen before results and best outcomes for the children diagnosed with autism that they serve, and their families.

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