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"Every parent of a child with ASD deserves the best education and support possible to move their child toward an optimal outcome." - Dr. Shelley Stravitz

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Meet Dr. Shelley Stravitz,

educator and expert in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)


For over 30 years, Dr. Shelley has inspired and empowered families across the U.S. & worldwide who created bright futures for their children with ASDs.


Parents who have worked with Dr. Shelley have achieved:​

  • Resolution of the underlying causes of their child’s ASD

  • Increased awareness of the interventions that were most helpful for their unique child

  • Support as their child developed

  • Bright futures for their themselves and their family

  • Empowerment to become their child's best expert

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Roadmap Planning

Dr. Shelley creates an intervention plan that supports your child’s development and learning.


Private Consultations

 Private consultations provide parent education and support which empower parents to be highly involved and to offer their best to their child with ASD, their family and themselves.

Group Workshops

 Learn about developmentally-based interventions and your child’s unique ASD intervention needs in a group setting. Available soon.


The Dr. Shelley Difference

30+ Years of Experience Educating and Supporting Families and Children with ASD

Personalized Intervention

for Your Child and Family

 Parent Education and Training with your Child Utilizing the ACERS Model 

Collaboration with Clinicians and Educators

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"Dr. Shelley Stravitz's background as an educator has helped in so many ways, but especially because she has the ability to realize how different each child’s journey was from her own and all those who she’d worked with for years."

John C.

"Personally, Dr. Shelley Stravitz provides the only program that supports the child and family in total and offers education on all inputs for the child and family to consider. Her program educates, supports, and trains the entire “team” in a loving holistic manner."

Caroline C.

"Dr. Shelley Stravitz has made a profound difference in our child’s life and in our family’s life. Dr. Shelley looks at the entire family system and guides us so we can all grow and benefit."

Michael F.

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