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Meet Dr. Shelley Stravitz

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Dr. Shelley is dedicated to changing the existing beliefs about what is possible for children with ASDs. Why? Because she has over 30 years of experience working with families and has seen what happens when parents realize that they are their child's best experts!

Her Proven Experience:

Dr. Shelley Stravitz is an acknowledged expert in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). She works with families, clinicians, and educators. Dr. Shelley has seen that highly involved parents are the key element to moving their child with ASD, and their family, toward an optimal outcome.

Dr. Shelley recovered her own child diagnosed with severe autism and mental retardation—who she was told would never speak—by focusing on developmentally appropriate, relationship-based interventions. Dr. Shelley utilized specific interventions that resolved the underlying causes of her child’s unique ASD profile.  As a result of this approach, her child lost all trace of his autism diagnosis and was able to progress in all areas of learning.

Over the last 30 years, her clinical work, family consultations, workshops, extensive research, and experience on numerous professional advisory boards gave her the knowledge to develop the ACERS Model, a multi-disciplinary model of autism recovery. Extensive research of Dr. Shelley’s work with families utilizing this model demonstrated that their children reached optimal outcomes.

The ACERS Model:

Dr. Shelley’s ACERS Model of parent education and training is focused on a multi-disciplinary developmental and relationship-based program which centers on the underlying causes of each child’s unique ASD profile. ACERS is based on 5 pillars: Autism, Collaboration with clinicians and educators, Education for parents and families, Research, and Support for parents.


Dr. Shelley earned her Doctorate in Educational Leadership for Change: ASD Optimal Outcomes and her Master of Science in Education: Motivating Learners. She has contributed her clinical expertise, research, group leadership, and multi-disciplinary experiences to numerous Advisory Boards and continues to be at the forefront of changing what is believed about and possible for children with autism. Prior to her own family's journey through severe autism, Dr. Shelley graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. She is an experienced Pre-K-12 educator and a Masters-level teacher trainer.

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