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Weekly Consultations

Weekly parent education & support to offer your best to your child

  • Zoom Video or Zoom Phone Call

Service Description

Weekly Consultations with the child’s parent(s) provides on-going intervention planning, parent education to anticipate their child’s next steps in all areas of development, parent training based on video feedback, sharing of appropriate research, collaboration with clinicians and educators who work with the child, and support for the child’s parents, family and intervention team. Through these Weekly Consultations, Dr. Shelley empowers the parents of a child with ASD to be highly involved and offer their best from moment to moment. This becomes an individualized, personalized partnership with parents that grows and changes as your child moves toward an optimal ASD outcome. With private Weekly Consultations, you’ll be supporting your child’s forward movement in all developmental areas, as well as continuing your own parent education and support as your child continues to change. For your convenience, 4 Weekly Consultations can be scheduled for the same day/time each week. The cost of a one hour consultation with Dr. Shelley is $250. For parents who choose this option, the cost for the 4 Weekly Consultation option is $900. Once you schedule your first consultation, you will be prompted to submit full payment for the four 1 hour consultations. You will be asked to create an account so that your information will autofill for you as you add additional consultations. Next, after you submit payment for the four 1 hour consultations, you will be directed to a page that says "Thanks for your payment!”. You will click the button below this that says "complete your booking" to be directed back to the private Weekly Consultations page. Select your remaining three consultation dates/times, all four of which will be completed in a four-week period.

Cancellation Policy

Due to limited availability, no refunds will be provided for missed appointments or cancellations. In case of illness, please email with at least 24 hours’ notice to schedule another time in the same calendar week, if available.

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